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MEET Dr. Anamika

Dr. Anamika Chawhan’s objective is - YOUR SUCCESS!

She is a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and has made 12 good years of contributions in academia and corporate.

She is India’s leading Life Skills & Business Coach, Cognitive Scientist and Founder of Magnificent U.

She also has the following certifications on her shoulders :

Life & Success Coach Certification: Corporate professionals, influencers, entrepreneurs have realised how important it is to get coach to run a result-driven life, business or career.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer Certification: With this certification she is able to coach you on implementing actions that are taken subconsciously. This is the reason how she is able able to work on mindset mastery, inculcate positive habit changes, etc. in her students.

T.I.M.E.™️ Techniques Trainer Certification: This certification has helped her to bring her students come out of the disempowered and stuck state. She is able to tackle my client’s biggest problems like the weight of negative emotions, the effects of phobias, and limiting beliefs, etc.

Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner Certification: She can connect with your subconscious mind and establish positive beliefs and habits.

Five Ways to Work with her


Personal Coaching

Don’t let thought drama stop you from achieving things you’ve dreamt of .


Business Coaching

To kick start or turn around your business from the scratch or to pivot it and make it profitable.


Keynote Speaker

To inspire and build the momentum in the audience because she will hold no truth underneath. Her Eye Opening Show is well received in corporate and academia both.


Online Courses

Learning needs no barrier. Join her digital courses on life, relationship, business growth & wealth mindset and career transition.


Coach Training Program

She is a product of rigorous training and individual Coach Training Program of International Level. Take her personalised Intensive mentorship to launch yourself as a Certified & Trainee Coach in your niche.


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