Necessity? That implies you cannot succeed without it.

Luxury? That implies a somewhat frivolous expense.

Do you believe that Sachin Tendulkar would say that his coaches were a luxury or a necessity to his success?

Do you believe that any great athlete or CEO or musician or actor would say their success was simply talent?

A coach is a very special job and special people choose this as their passion. We are able to see what the client is missing and help them achieve even more than they imagined in a shorter period of time because of our skills and techniques.

Life coaching consists of a 3 part formula:

  • We teach you how to identify life distractions
  • We show you how to gain clarity in the thoughts and the mind
  • We teach you how to understand and obtain the ability to truly focus and be focus.

The reward of overcoming this 3 part formula will allow you to be true to who and what you are while being real, genuine, authentic.

The right coach can help you create miracles in your life. But, remember, you are the one doing the work. You need to put in the effort. You need to show up and be present. So, if you are looking for the coach to change your life, you are right, a coach is a luxury because it is not going to happen. If you are looking to change your life with the insight and assistance of a coach, it is a necessity to get there efficiently.

As I tell my clients, you don't need to have me in your life. You don't need me to help you change.

  • You want me present with you to help you be present.
  • You want me in your world and your experience to test you, challenge you, motivate, inspire, and teach you.
  • You want me in your corner every week to share your successes, your pitfalls, and your lessons.

Together, we can create miracles. It is YOU who does the work. I am just there to push you, to help you gather strength and guide you the right way. I also tell my clients how proud of them I am because they are truly special people who see where they need help and are brave enough to ask for it.

Coachable clients realize that achieving change is a difficult task and that it is more easily successfully achieved with a thinking partner who will guide and encourage and hold them accountable for completing the action steps that will bring the desired outcomes.

I think it’s a necessity! Getting a life coach can prevent stress, lack of connection, not being aligned with yourself, unhealthy relationships – all of these things manifest as illness or other destructive behaviors and choices so getting a life coach could be even more important than going to the doctors!

Wellness is about living well in all areas not just physical.

I think despite the investment, there is nothing more worthwhile, especially in these challenging times when the people in power are making such unhealthy choices for people and the planet, not only is it necessary but it is our OBLIGATION to be as well and as self-aware as we possibly can be so that we can contribute to the beautiful, good, healthy things happening on the planet!

A Coach is an accountability partner and your cheerleader in a safe, confidential space. Everything is inside you already. A Coach can help you find more clarity in any area of your life. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for you.

Sure wish I would have had one when I was younger. Sure glad I have one now!

Successful people understand they can't do it alone. Necessity or Luxury?? Now that depends on your perspective.