15 Days Manifestation Challenge – 6 am



Register today and take 1 personal coaching session with Dr. Anamika Chawhan and attend the group call from 24th Nov daily at 6 am – 7 am LIVE.

Recordings will be shared.

Also, Join the Manifesting Challenge and get my Magnificent Attractor eBook plus my Law of Attraction Coaching for FREE!

Program Description

Each New Year I lead a LIVE 15-Day Manifesting Challenge at 6 am to help people effortlessly attract their desires. And this year I’m doing something SUPER SPECIAL:

Also, receive Audios from me starting from Day 1 to Day 21 days along with daily exercises and have them for lifetime.

Attend Live Q&A with Dr. Anamika daily at 6 am from the comfort of your room.


You can start manifesting TODAY with my New Year Manifesting Bundle.
My 15 -Day Manifesting Challenge:
I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to attract everything you desire. With daily lessons, I’ll help you kick off the New Year with supercharged energy to become a magnet for miracles. – Starts 24th Nov. – Ends 8th Dec. 2023.
Free eBook copy of my most loved book,
Magnificent Attractor : Start manifesting right now with my best methods for attracting what you desire.
Law of Attraction coaching delivered weekly in your inbox: I’ll teach you how to connect to the Universe and tune up your attracting power before the challenge even begins.
Fee breakup
You’re already manifesting abundance! The bundle is ONLY Rs. 6999/-. It’s 3 for the price of 1.

Learn how to effortlessly manifest and become a magnet for what you desire this New Year!

You’re Unclear What Manifesting Really Is and How It’s Done.

Have you heard of manifesting before and wanted to add it to your life … but you’re not sure exactly what it is or if you’re doing it right?

You Struggle to “Let Go” and Trust in the Universe.

When you have trouble releasing control, you end up constantly getting in your own way. We can have all the spiritual tools in the world, but if we don’t change our intention from “getting” and “making,” and instead relax into being, we can’t receive.

You Subconsciously Invest in Your Own Limitations.

Maybe it shows up as anxiety. Maybe it shows up as judgment or gossip. Or maybe you recognize it as a vague sense that things shouldn’t be this hard.

You’ve Invested in a Spiritual Journey, But You Still Feel Stuck.

Despite the daily affirmations, vision boards and guided meditations, things still aren’t feeling any easier or intuitive. It’s getting difficult to show up for your practice daily because you’re still not feeling good.

You’re a Manic Manifester.

Magic manifesting is when you try to control or manipulate your manifestations. When this happens, your energy becomes frantic and needy. You therefore become a magnet for more low-vibe situations and experiences.

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