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  • Learn from Dr. Anamika Chawhan who is an international board-certified Coach and Trainer
  • Have you been looking forward to expert coaching and certifications? Are you ready to unleash and discover your full potential and make an impact in other’s lives?
  • In the Magnificent Coach Mastery™ Program, we help individuals craft their own vision. We help people discover what it is that they actually love to do. We help our coaches, influencers, trainers, speakers to attract their dream clients and projects or assignments quicker without spending a lot on their FB ads or other non-essential branding work.

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WHAT'S inside


The first step is going to be all about getting clarity on what you really want to do. Defining everything in numbers – how much money you want to earn? How much time do you want to spend? Together we will design a framework which will be aligned according to your requirements and it will help you achieve your lifestyle and business goals within 6-12 months. You’ll be surprised to see your time and money making their way back in your life.


Do you often get the feeling that other people have it in them what it takes to be successful and YOU DON’T? Well in this module, we are going to get rid of this feeling! Together we will clear out unconscious fears, limiting beliefs about money or feeling of unworthiness. You will also learn how to raise your fees confidently, keeping your integrity intact. After completion of this module, you will wish that you had joined this program earlier, such are the results!


Marketing is an indispensable part of any business and you have to get it right to be able to reach the right audience. In this module, the most-effective and efficient ONLINE & OFFLINE MARKETING STRATEGIES. Once you have this strategy in place, your time will be freed up for coaching, sharing your message, and strategically growing your business.


This module helps you understand the art of creating new clients in 7 EASY AND FUN STEPS.
There are few common pitfalls that one falls in when approaching a client or when a client says NO. In this module, you will watch videos of me coaching other coaches around self-worth, money mindset, and other common scenarios. Topics like – tips for receiving payments, how to guide people through money blocks, etc. will also be covered.
Last but not the least, you will witness me in a LIVE SESSION where I will be walking someone through the 7 steps of powerful coaching which will help you implement the same not only in your business but also will deepen your mastery as a coach.


In this module, you will create a 30 day action plan to upgrade your results and revenue. You will receive all the resources you need to STAY FOCUSSED so that you never lose sight of your intentions. You will also get an opportunity of exploring co-coaching with the other participants. You will also receive a comprehensive manual which includes my proven scripts and strategies for different situations you’ll encounter as a coach as well as a tracking sheet to help you stay on top of your business development goals, during the 30 Day Challenge and beyond.


You will learn as a Coach how to run a set programme of say 12 sessions, over 6 months that cover pre-planned topics for example: understanding values, exploring beliefs, defining a personal purpose, goal setting etc. which logically guide the coachee through a personal and professional journey of development. You will have DONE FOR YOU ready templates and format on pre and post coaching and during the coaching program - required worksheets and tools and techniques.


PRIVATE LOGIN to the Mastery for Coaches Home Study membership site as soon as you sign up for the course!

12 POWERFUL TRAINING VIDEOS AND 5 ACTION GUIDES to take your business to the next level.

WEEKLY EMAILS to help you stay on the right track.

THE SOLU-TION CENTER to receive bi-weekly review on your work to help you progress and build your NICHE. You will receive actionable feedback on how to progress further.

BUSINESS RESOURCE CENTER including Sample Business Forms, Contract templates for Coaches, tracking sheets, facilitation guides and more.

DEMO COACHING SESSION VIDEOS which will include a 7 STEP GUIDE to support your mastery.

12 MONTHS OF MASTERY which includes exclusive interviews and LIVE sessions with me, Dr. Anamika Chawhan.

COACHING LIBRARY in which you will enjoy lifetime access to the Coach’s Toolkit which includes videos, audios, and PDF’s to facilitate you more.

Certificate of Completion from MagnificentU™ which is internationally recognised for training individuals to become a Coach in their Niche.

  • Level 1: Survival: To align you with your true self, your highest self, and your life's purpose.
  • Level 2: Creative: Learn about alignment and flow, divine timing, and taking action as a catalyst for creation.
  • Level 3: Quantum: Learn how to detach from your own expectations so you can invite in and allow quantum shifts.
  • Get life-time access to Neuro Gym Project and learn to practice Group Coaching.
  • Become magnificent coach now

BONUSES WORTH RS. 19,000/- absolutely free

Learn the 6 Methods of Transformational Journaling. Your words hold POWER. Spoken, written, thought... what you repeat, continues. Invite in your total transformation. Bring it into your energy field, your mindset, and your life.

Creating a journaling practice is one of the most powerful things that you can do to support your next-level and call in Quantum Shifts.

Powerful daily ritual as you go through MAGNIFICENT COACH MASTERY™️.

How to Become Life Coach

Meet Your trainer

Dr. Anamika Chawhan’s objective is - YOUR SUCCESS!

She loves to be the guiding light for you through her program Magnificent Mornings.

She is super excited and ready with her third new theme of this super loved LIVE WORKSHOP, and can’t wait to see you inside every morning.

She is a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay and has made a 12 good years of contributions in academia and corporate.

She is India’s leading Life Skills & Business Coach, Cognitive Scientist and Founder of Magnificent U. She was honored to have been awarded with the ‘Impactful Life Coach & Entrepreneur’ by Zee Business and the ‘Star/Distinguished Alumni of Mody University’ last year. She has 4 books and many articles to her credit.

She also has the following certifications on her shoulders :
- Life & Success Coach Certification: Corporate professionals, influencers, entrepreneurs have realised how important it is to get coach to run a result-driven life, business or career.
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer Certification: With this certification she is able to coach you on implementing actions that are taken subconsciously. This is the reason how she is able able to work on mindset mastery, inculcate positive habit changes, etc. in her students.
- T.I.M.E.™️ Techniques Trainer Certification: This certification has helped her to bring her students come out of the disempowered and stuck state. She is able to tackle my client’s biggest problems like the weight of negative emotions, the effects of phobias, and limiting beliefs, etc.
- Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner Certification: She can connect with your subconscious mind and establish positive beliefs and habits.

Become magnificent coach now

Frequently Asked Questions

Magnificent Coach Mastery™ can support you in creating the clients and income you desire, in a way that’s truly authentic for you, at any stage of business. You could be new to coaching wanting to build your coaching career or you could be a seasoned coach wanting to take your coaching career to the next level, the course is designed to meet you where you are!

I learned all the coaching nuances through trial and error on marketing and business strategies, which by experience I can tell is a difficult journey. Magnificent Coach Mastery™ is the program I wish I had access to when I was just starting out. It can give you the business and mindset tools you need to create a thriving coaching practice from Day 1.

I want you all to earn back 10X of your investment through this course within 12 months.

Magnificent Coach Mastery™ is a year long program. You’ll receive all the recorded modules right when you sign-up. You also have lifetime access to your materials. You can watch re-watch it as many times you want and there is plenty of online support available for all the help you need.

This isn’t just another coaching facilitation program. Think of it as a business school where I personally care for your success. In just 6 modules, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get clarity on your vision, attract clients with ease, earn great money, and create a thriving business that’s in full alignment with your values and purpose.

I want to make sure that you not only leverage all the business strategies to make 7 figures but you also get rid of all the unwanted fears as that is something which will create REAL SUSTAINABLE CHANGE!

It is always advisable to switch to another program rather than wasting your precious time and energy on something that is not reaping results. Why not go for something that is faster, easier and cheaper way to create clients.

People have thanked me SO many times because I share an effective way to make money, create clients and really do powerful work as a coach.

It totally depends. I’ve designed Magnificent Coach Mastery™ to provide you with the tools and the framework to create a thriving coaching business. You can absolutely see incredible results just from implementing what you learn in this program. That being said, I always recommend coaches stay on their growth edge and do some type of work – whether that is with peers, work with another coach or in a program. As a coach, you are your best asset so my bias is to be advancing yourself so you can help advance others.