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I am Dr. Anamika Chawhan, behind the, one of the fastest growing online coaching communities of ambitious men & women and entrepreneurs.

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So what is Magnificent Us and how can we support you? Let’s take a look inside…

Mentorship With Me- DAC personally.

Rewards- Because your progress should be celebrated.

Masterclass done different, from leaders with real results.

Accountability- Because we won't let you fail.

Magnificent Us is for you if...

  • You're a wantrepreneur looking to start a business or an entrepreneur envisioning scaling one.
  • You're an ambitious person who wants to grow personally as well as professionally.
  • You hope to create connections with Magnificent Us worldwide, who are building a biz just like you
  • You're dreaming of a super-supportive community where your ambitiousness is appreciated, and your successes are CELEBRATED. #CollaborationOverCompetition
  • You wish you had somewhere to turn to when you have problems to solve and issues to resolve, and need help from people who have been there, done that, and 100% get it.

FOR Lifetime


The way we feel creates the thoughts we think which dictate the actions we take. This pillar will free you from your limiting beliefs and ensure you feel the way you need to in order to take action.


In this pillar you’ll discover your superpowers and how to use them to create a profitable online business. You’ll define your product or service, conduct a competitive analysis, and learn exactly how to stand out from the crowd.


Learn to cultivate a community that knows, likes, and trusts you enough to buy into and from you. Get clarity around which platform is right for you, and how to grow and monetize those channels.


Here, we focus on two things: making money and managing money, because generating isn't the only thing you should be thinking about when it comes to the revenue piece of business. Learn to make and keep more.


In this pillar, we show you what to do to make sure your business works for you (rather than the other way around), so your home life is as rich as your work life and your business is set up to grow.


In Growth, we focus on personal as well as professional development because your business can only grow as much as you do. Live, learn and lead like a Boss.

How to become successful in life

MEET anamika

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,
mom and motivational speaker

An entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

Our Masterclasses also include exclusive expert training on

Legal & finances (plus done-for-you templates!)

Lead generation & email marketing

Business & life organization

Influencer partnerships


Branding & design

Content Creation

Money mindset & high performance

BONUSES WORTH RS. 4000 /- absolutely free


2x Quizzes at the beginning and end of the course to help you gauge the degree of your addiction.


2x Quizzes at the beginning and end of the course to help you gauge the degree of your addiction.


2x Quizzes at the beginning and end of the course to help you gauge the degree of your addiction.


2x Quizzes at the beginning and end of the course to help you gauge the degree of your addiction.

How to become successful in life

Meet Your trainer

I am Dr. Anamika Chawhan, your Life Skills & Business Coach and I want to coach you to redirect your money in a super easy and fun way!

I know the feeling when you are struggling financially and also when you need a financial safety net that can support you for months in case of a crisis.

I believe that your idea of earning must just not be to ‘make ends meet’ but it should rather be long-term financial peace.

All the financial theories, apps, spreadsheets, etc. fail to consider your individual financial goals and your unique spending habits. The Magnificent Compass for SuccessTM is designed to give you daily mindset tools, prompts, meditations and exercises to do both the inner work around money but also play full out with reaching your income goals.

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