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  • To become an internationally certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Clinical Hypnosis.
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30 + hours

4-6 months


Personal Sessions & 12 Group Coaching Sessions


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What you learn in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) goes beyond the conscious mind. It goes straight to the core, to the subconscious. It addresses the most transformative aspect of our lives.

It helps you identify who you were and where you are NOW to who & where you want to be.

When you enroll and finish this program, you are able to :-

  • Gain understanding of how NLP works and lead to desired results.
  • Illuminate what is currently not working, causing conflict, prohibiting progress, and/or sabotaging success.
  • Identify the root cause, through evaluation of presenting problems.
  • Using, addressing, and healing limiting beliefs & the root problems.
  • Changework done through modalities focused on the subconscious mind for immediate relief + lasting results.
  • Creating healthy foundations for change on the conscious level.
  • Success coaching to create accountability and "new normal" way of being.
  • Set up for sustainable success of results + overall empowerment.

When you complete Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you’ll be internationally board certified


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

A Coach

You crave to dig beneath the surface and create lasting life changing results for your clients that continue well beyond your time working with them.

A Consultant

You want to help clients beyond what you have personal experience with & lead with confidence without being a human google for your clients.

A Change-maker

You’re craving a shift out of what you’re currently doing to purposefully shift into what you’re being called to be doing with your life, your business, and clients.

A Truth Seeker

You are on a personal journey to understand yourself better, take back your power, and learn to intentionally create your life.

An Influencer

You’re ready to guide clients through life changing experiences + services while expanding your influence and impact.

A Rising Leader

You’re a 6-figure business owner who craves more ease, profits, transformation, and results for yourself and your clients.


1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification

99.996% of the decisions and actions you take are done subconsciously. With NLP, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how this works for mindset mastery.

NLP is known as the user's manual for the mind. Think of the brain as a computer, with NLP you’ll be able to program it for desired results for your clients, and yourself. You’re already using language (linguistics) every moment of your waking day, it’s time to consciously use it to work for you.

You’ll learn how to use NLP to initiate radical changes for increased motivation, confidence, success, positive habit changes, and more.

2. T.I.M.E.™ Techniques Practitioner Certification

Simply put, T.I.M.E. expands how you perceive and experience time. If you or your clients are finding yourself disempowered or stuck, you will uncover the root of the problem to heal and move forward into an empowered state.

No matter if these persistent issues came from something recent, early childhood, or even past lives… you’ll be able to release their negative charge for an immediate energetic shift and release to experience empowerment now.

You’ll learn how to be able to release and eliminate the weight of negative emotions, anxiety, the effects of phobias, and limiting beliefs that are at the root of your clients biggest problems.

3. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner Certification

Use EFT to restore balance to the body’s energy, elevate your energetic vibration, and use your mind-body connection for healing benefits.

Stop negative spirals in its tracks, so you can reverse and remove the effects and restore beneficial energy flow.

You’ll learn how to teach and use EFT with clients to create emotional balance and relief.

4. Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

In as little as one session, connect with the subconscious mind and establish new beliefs, habits, and thoughts without having to embark on a dreaded ‘30 days to change xyz.’

Hypnosis can be used for practically anything, and has been proven to help clients quit smoking, lose weight, create positive habits, increase confidence, and attract abundance in all areas of life.

You’ll learn how to easily create customized client hypnosis sessions, recorded hypnosis to help people beyond sessions, and how to use self-hypnosis.

Exclusive Bonus - Receive Hard Copy of the Entire Program of around 400 pages to read, and practice along with the kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create your own timeline:

The typical time frame in which students complete their certification is 3-6 months. This is a certification-level training and you can expect to invest 30+ hours into your Magnificent Strategy to Sparkle certification process.

Allot for 1-1.5 hours for added group coaching/training each week to practice these techniques. Details will be shared after you register. Recordings will also be shared.

What you learn you'll be able to apply to many service-based industries. We've had realtors, human resource managers, designers, and agency owners integrate what they've learned into their businesses (just to give a few examples!).

All LIVE certifications are on hold due to COVID-19. To prioritize the health and safety of students, there will be no in-person certification training in 2021.

As an internationally board certified program, we hold you to a high standard of premier coaches.

To receive your official certification, this is your final step.

You’ll be completing 3 tests (open book) and recording videos so we can sign off on your full completion and competency.

Steps :-

(1) Complete the online trainings

(2) Record and submit videos of yourself doing the techniques you learn with another person.

(3) Submit your tests (you'll be able to complete your tests as you progress through your training).

You'll get a handy checklist so you know exactly what's required! You can do this fully at your own pace & you have group sessions to keep on a 4-month completion schedule.

This certificate does not need to be updated every year. You can proceed to the Master Level of the Course once you complete the practitioner level.

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